The look of Switzerland

Hi Everybody,

I know self promotion is boring...
...but I'm taking part in a photographic competition and I really would appreciate your support.

The first selection is done by the vote of the public, so each little star you give me is warmly accepted.

The vote is really easy, you just have to click the number of stars and write your e-mail (because who vote can win a camera :)

So here my two pictures:
Dandelion and Stairway

Thank you very much!!
And let me know if you vote, I have a surprise for you ;)

Both my Pictures were nominated for the first selection.
Thank you for your support!

10 commenti:

  1. complimenti!ho curiosato un po' il tuo blog,scatti meravigliosi!!!!

  2. i voted and gave you 5 stars !
    gorgeous photos <3

  3. I voted five stars. Hope you win this.


  4. they're stunning
    the tones are incredible in both

  5. Wow bellissime foto! La fotografia è una mia passione, ma sono ben lontana dagli scatti che vedo qui! Complimenti ancora e in bocca al lupo per il concorso ;)

  6. sending you five stars and good luck from russia! though I didn't understand a word on that site, I voted XD

  7. Because I love your photography, I just gave you 5 Stars! Love from Manila <3