Some people say, a good photographer should be able to take good pictures of anyone. No matter how beautiful, old or photogenic one is: if the photographer is good, the pictures should be good as well.

I have a different opinion.

Yes, a good photographer can take good pictures of anyone, technically speaking, but this doesn't mean necessarily that the pictures "sing".

I don't have enough experience to confirm what I write here but now, I believe that some people have that "something" that other people don't have.

It has to do with what I will call here "photographic-charisma", I suppose.
Photographic-charisma is not the charisma someone has in the real life. It is rather the charm one has in that "parallel" world called photography.

A good photographer should be able to catch that Charisma and turn it into a musical picture, in order to do so technical skills alone are not enough.

Anyway I can't wait to challenge this idea and to prove to myself I'm wrong!

Model: Marzia

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  1. this is just a lovely photo!

  2. Foto bellissima e carisma è proprio il termine giusto! Mi piace molto il tuo pensiero sulla fotografia e l'idea che esista un mondo parallelo che può essere immortalato con uno scatto.

    un abbraccio, Lola

  3. Wow.

    Such beautiful words.
    I was actually thinking recently after seeing so many people in my average sized city starting up these "photography" businesses with very basic editing and cameras, they simple don't take those kind of shots that sing. ,They don't seem to have that "Charisma" you speak of where they are able to turn an everyday scene into a "muscial picture. They are just so average. And it is suddenly that easy for them to go ahead and be a "pro" photographer. And there are just so many of them now. and it's just silly.

    There really are only so many talented ones out there.

    You said this oh so true. I can so relate at this present moment


  4. Hi dear Simoana,

    Thank you very very much for your kind comment, I really appreciate it.

    I' so glad you read what I wrote there, and you agree with that. The more I get into the photographic world, the more I understand how hard it is. It is hard to take good pictures and it is hard to get into the photography business.

    Thank you again for sharing your ideas with me :)

    I wish you all the best,
    take care

  5. I completely agree with you. You write such beautiful words.

    And your images are just fantastic - lovely, lovely work.

    Have a happy day,