what's in my photo bag?

when i was at the beginning of my photographic career i was interested in knowing which equipment does other photographers have, to know how to start taking pictures. there are so many options out there that when you are a beginner you may not know where to start looking. 

the style of a photographer and the capacity of taking pictures has nothing to do with the gear, but when it comes to take commissions, or when there is a specific picture you want to take, then knowing which equipment you may need to use is important. 

canon mk iii
since i started taking wedding more consistently i ve decided it was the right time to upgrade my camera body, so to also have a backup camera if something happens, i can still use my mkii. 
mk iii is sensational and the focal point much more precise than the mk ii, which allow me to have a better focus control when i shot wide aperture (most of the time..). it s also a great investment when it occurs to shoot campaign for clients. 

35mm f/1.4
this little one is really precious. i don't use it a lot, but when needed or when i want to have a wide angle fashion shoot is really stunning.

50mm f/1.4
you can shoot everything with just this lens. i've shoot full campaign, lookbook and weddings with just a 50mm. it's a must in every photographer bag

85mm f/1.2
this is for sure my main lens. when it's possible i just shoot with it. portrait, fashion, weddings, details, it's just great for any kind of photography. and it's wide aperture allow you also to take stunning shoots with very low light. 

zoom 24-70mm f/2.8
i've upgraded to a zoom lens mainly because of wedding photography. this is the wedding lens. when it comes to shoot the ceremony this allow you to take pictures in many different mms without changing lens and making noises. i ve never had the chance to use it right now as it's a very new entry, but can't wait to test it on one of my upcoming weddings soon. 

tones of memories
i've started with 2GB...then with 4GB, with an 8, a 16 and ended up buying a 32GB. you never get enough memories when you have full day campaign shootings, lookbooks or weddings. 

i have three batteries, but when i am at work i just need to have a +1 if needed, but canon's are very good and last for long, so for a 1 day shooting i never actually needed to change it.

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