My first little video, done for my best friend and musician Nadine Carina. 
This was not supposed to be a little video, but we were at the lake, we took some pictures together and then we filmed for about 20 minutes. First time ever I tried to film with my new camera so don't be too harsh, please...

Paradise by Nadine Carina

3 commenti:

  1. Me parece increíble el vídeo,me enamoré de la canción es perfecta.
    Me gusta mucho tu trabajo.

  2. I've been meaning to put together my first short film together and I hope it ends up being as good as this one! It really isn't bad at all. I'm sure your films will keep getting better and better because this is so great :)

  3. sei bravissima anche nei video, lo sapevo!!
    Comunque adoro Nadine, la sua musica è dolce e delicata come lei *.*
    complimenti a tutte e due <3