Nadine: Interview + Giveaway

Today is the birthday of Nadine, my best friend for 19 years. She's an amazing musician, and thanks to her, I got inspired by what my dream could be: being a Musician-Photographer.

Nadine is born in 1986, she finished her studies in music in 2010 at the ETM (institute of Music and Technologies, Geneva).
She began LIPA (institute of Performing Arts) in Liverpool in september 2010.
She plays guitar and piano, but her first intstrument is her voice. She likes to sing and compose melodies which look back on her childhood.

1. When did you start singing?

Nadine: I have always loved to sing since I was young. I remember that I liked to take part in many concerts, like at our village's parties, the church choir, contests... But I began with real singing lessons only a few years ago, which make me improve on my technique and discover new styles of music everyday!

2. What is your inspiration?

N: My inspiration is first of all, my personal experiences. Actually, most of my songs speak of what I’ve done in the past, or of what I think of something that happened to me.

I like to be inspired by listening to a lot of music (every style!). I like to discover new songs so that I can expand my music knowledge.

I love nature too. It gives me inspiration everyday.

3. What is music to you?

N: It's art. Everyone can listen to it and interpret it differently.

4. Where do you imagine yourself in 6 years?

N: Graduated from LIPA with a BA in Music, singer-songwriter solo (or with a band) doing concerts all around the world!! This is what I hope to achieve in these years ;)

I give away two cd of Nadine!!
Anyone can participate, just write your e-mail on the comment
or send me an e-mail ( with the subject "nadine".

Delivery costs are payed by me.

Winners are Heidi and Uriel


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  1. Ma che bello!!! Nadine è bravissima!! Sto ascoltando le sue canzoni...una voce spettacolare!
    Partecipo volentieri a questo giveaway musicale :)
    la mia mail:
    un bacio

  2. Hey Lucia! Nadine is very talented! Friends for 19 years! Wow! That terrific! Great blog! You have some wonderful photos. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. God bless.

  3. happy birthday to nadine and love interview!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  4. Love the idea of music and photography together - two personal loves of my own also.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog :)

  5. Ciao :)
    Non posso mancare a partecipare:


  6. I like Nadine's music! I've just listened to "don't lose her" and I'm impressed:)

  7. I would love to give this cd a listen. Sounds interesting! I'm always looking for new artists to add to my regular playlist.


    writeme at heidimail dot com

  8. hey
    thanks for the comment
    nadine sounds great
    i really like your blog
    i'll follow you
    will you follow back?

  9. the garden is the best! loving it!

  10. Nadine is very talented! Definitely one of my favourites! Congratulations on your friendship! Here is my email -

  11. Wow what a beautiful voice! I would love to win a CD
    marloweopat at gmail dot com

  12. Complimenti per il tuo blog!

  13. Wow, I would love to wint her CD! Thanks for a chance to enter!!! Lubica
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

  14. It sounds very good, you sing beautifully Nadine!
    I'm so glad I found this blog in time to participate.

    Bye, Uriel

  15. What a lovely singer! :D Thanks for a chance to meet her!

  16. these photos are great, nice work